What is a Sound Experience?

Sound Experiences are 60+ minute Sound Journeys specifically dialed into a particular energetic or feeling tone to facilitate healing at a core level. Through the use of solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats, isochronic tones and various forms of sound healing; we loosen and unwind constricted thought patterns, physical strain and stored trauma. Our bodies are the storehouse of our emotional processing which, if not tended to and released, can progress to a host of dis-ease and illness due to the day to day taxation on our mind and body.


The 360five Sound Experiences integrate full spectrum healing by releasing mental resistance; physiological and somatic triggers; and deepening our presence as well as expanding our conscious awareness.


* Sound-based vibration treatment has been shown to help people with pain from arthritic, menstrual, muscle, postoperative pain and has shown to improve mobility, reduce stiffness, increase blood circulation, lower blood pressure.


* Sound-based treatments/Vibrational Medicine has been linked to elevated mood, reduced anxiety, greater attention & focus, increased memory, deeper meditative state and improved sleep quality.

What is an Integrative Wellness Profile and Session?

Through an in-depth questionnaire, we co-create a synergistic partnership and develop a personalized, holistic practice.   Nothing is left untapped.  Complete with personalized recommendations and suggestions, this is a lifestyle plan that provides you with the tools and resources necessary to give you the needed boost to initiate a positive shift in your life - mind. body. spirit. sound.

In our transformative 1.5 hour sessions we explore the whole self with a focus on aligning our biological, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energies.  This is a synergistic approach to healing that transforms at a core level.  Rather than providing intermittent, symptomatic relief; we address the full spectrum of overall well-being: mental acuity, physical strength, spiritual integrity and emotional fluidity. 

What is the 30 Day Transformational Cleanse?

Truly transform your lifestyle with Purium's Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation to experience more energy, better digestion, deeper sleep and a more balanced mood. The products in this 30-day program will nourish and detoxify your body with vegan protein, greens, healthy fats, gut health, organic super fruit and natural colon cleansing support.

What is the eMotion Technique?

The eMotion Technique is a 4-step therapeutic modality that unwinds constricted thought patterns and behaviors by getting to the energetic root of the core wound.  This healing process is done by revealing the compounded layers of emotional energies from repeated traumatic experiences throughout one’s life.  Subconscious programming embedded as a child, along with repeated thought and behavior patterns ingrain our neural pathways which can lead to a condition called distress.  Our bodies act as the storehouse of our emotional processing which, if not tended to and released, can progress to a host of disease and illness due to the day to day stress on our mind and body.


This is a comprehensive healing process in that it integrates the full spectrum of healing by releasing mental resistance, physiological and somatic triggers and deepening into our own spiritual awareness.


The eMotion Technique untangles the energetic and subconscious constriction within our mind and body at a core level, loosens the intensity of belief patterns that no longer serve us and provides an opening for us to remember and return to a state of harmony, natural vibrancy and complete state of well-being.