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Wrap at Home

An Aromatic Body Wrap is a layered body treatment using hot, herbal scented towels.  Complex essential oil blends, seaweed extracts, floral and minerals waters soaked in towels are a common treatment in Europe.  Aromatic Body Wraps are beneficial in anti-cellulite or weight loss programs as they facilitate lymphatic and circulatory systems.  After 8-10 professional treatments, individuals have lost up to 14 inches in total body inches.  This same treatment can be done very easily in the comforts of one’s home, as well. 

The supplies necessary are a large, waterproof plastic/vinyl sheet, blanket, large towel, spray bottle, preferred essential oils, hot mineral or distilled water and a large open space.  First, lay out the blanket with the plastic sheet over top of blanket then place the towel over the plastic sheeting.  Take a spray bottle with about 10-15 drops of essential oil and hot mineral/distilled water and shake vigorously to ensure the essential oils are adequately dispersed then spray heavily on the towel.  Once the towel is soaked with the water, lie face up on the towel wrapping your entire body in all of the layers.  The blanket will trap the heat while the plastic sheet will maintain the moisture.  The eyes should be closed and the individual should remain wrapped for 30-60 minutes.  This process encourages the body to detoxify and promotes lymphatic drainage, as well as relaxation.  One should be sure to replenish liquids by drinking 6-8 full glasses of water within a 24 hour period. 

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