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The Problem with Processed Foods (Even Vegan Ones)

Take one trip to your local grocery store and you’ll find boxes upon boxes of processed foods cascading down virtually every aisle. From boxed granola bars to sugar-filled treats by the register, the options are pretty endless.

Growing up, our parents warned us against eating these foods, yet we sometimes fall prey to their GMO-filled temptation. Of course, most foods are okay in moderation – BUT we need to be careful. Why? Because before long, you can get hooked!

Did you know that these processed foods are created to be addicting?

Today, we’re breaking down why you should stay away from processed foods, even the vegan ones.

Why You Should Stay Away from Processed Foods

Before we dive into the problems with processed foods, let’s review the definition of “processed.”

Defining Processed Foods

The National Health Service defines processed foods as foods that have been changed in any way, during preparation.

That may include processes, like freezing, canning, baking and even drying of ingredients. You may be shocked to know that not all processing is bad.

For example, freeze-drying foods are not necessarily bad (that is actually one process we use for our own whole foods). The key is to keep foods minimally processed.

So, when the do the problems arise?

Well, the problems arise when unnecessary ingredients are added into the mix. For example, salts, sugars and artificial flavorings are sometimes added to make foods taste better.

What’s more, these additives are meant to change texture and perception, even at a detriment to health. For example, some vegan meat brands “bleed” and “look real” because of additives and artificial ingredients.

Are those necessary? No. But companies inject these ingredients to make their products look more appealing and seem better for consumers.

But are they really better? Not really.