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Tending Our Garden

What are the words we speak when no one is listening?

We develop a deeper level of trust with our Self when we tune in and listen to what we say with an intentional presence. We tend the soil of our inner garden and cultivate the appropriate nourishment necessary to fertilize what we desire in our external human experience. We activate our Soul’s yes and walk in harmony with purpose and right relationship with what’s in front of us; right here, right now. Excuses and reasons give way to inspired action creating results that are in alignment with our intentions.

There is always an opportunity for growth as we confront our present-moment reality. When we recognize that we are not speaking our truth, honoring our Soul’s yes or acting in alignment with our intended desires; it isn’t about getting all serious, degrading our self, beating our self up and feeling like we failed… or worse, continue feeding the ‘not good enough’ storyline that has us frozen, running or fighting.

Rather than support what no longer serves us, there is an opportunity to redirect our energy and arouse curiosity in what is possible. Invoke a sense of purpose. Engage in play. Restore a sense of wonder. Remember our childhood dreams. Feel the sense of adventure activate each and every single cell. Breathe in the essence of who we are. Sometimes, we may need to amplify the signal and come from a more warrior/source-ress archetype and… remember who the F*€K we are!

The maturation process isn’t comfortable, though neither is receiving the same result over and over again and not doing anything about it, discounting it or projecting blame on someone/something else. We are creatures of habit and as many religious and spiritual figures, psychologists, professional athletes and advocates of human potential affirm - it’s all about our rituals, our consistent actions, repetitive choices. Our daily practice reveals what shows up in our life.

“In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.” - Tony Robbins

It’s time to get real with our self - get our mind, body and spirit in right relationship with integrity and grace… in harmony within and throughout.

Let’s remember that honoring our Self doesn’t need to be so laborious, cumbersome and heavy. Have fun with it. Celebrate your Self. It’s choosing our Soul’s yes over our mind’s patterned, fear-based programs.

Patience supports deeper levels of trust as we embody the essence of it, our actions are initiated from an inspired and intentional presence of humility, honor and committed practice anchored with discernment. Whereas, impatience is static interference and contaminates our experience so that our thought process is agitated, frantic and disconnected from our Soul’s yes.

Shifting from our head and leaning into our heart is a process that invites us to be more present within as well as recognize what shows up in our day to day experience. Let’s feel the energetic expression of what we desire the outcome to be and embody the energy of our Soul’s yes.

Establishing and honoring a daily practice of tuning in - whether through breath awareness, meditation, intentional prayer, mindful movement, casual observation, etc - allows us to shift out of patterns and those pesky loops that have had their time. We so deserve it!

Let’s grow!

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