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On Personal Power

As is stated, “Healer, heal thyself”.

It is through our work and daily practice that life’s ineffable truths are revealed.  For this, I am grateful.  Sometimes being aware of the opportunities for growth and refinement create the most anxiety.  The “I know it” can fuel the resistance of actually breaking through to the other side where life loves.  A deeper level of surrender must not only be accepted, it must unequivocally and unabashedly be respected and carried forth in all ways, everyday.  It is this way of being that has guided me through transmuting my core wounds, accessed higher truths and empowered me to move with greater ease and flow.  With that said, life presents moments for me to deepen further into the womb of a greater stillness with an even more potent awareness.

There is no coincidence that the inhale of the breath is called inspiration.  When we open up to receive, we inspire our experience which gives us the life force to be able to share with greater ease and grace as the flow is not restricted. Throughout my life, I have restricted my own flow which has caused more damage than benefit.

Giving away our personal power comes in many forms.  For me, it has been allowing others to control me out of their own fear and insecurities such as giving up friends and loved ones, giving up the pursuit of my passion/career, giving up activities that bring me joy and dimming my light.  Along with that, I would hold back from expressing my feelings when hurt or not acknowledged out of fear of the conflict that would result, in order to keep the peace.

Interestingly enough, the onus is not on the other individuals; rather, it rests with me in honoring myself.  There is something within that I must tune into and acknowledge versus pointing at someone else.  Ugh!!!  This is a form of self abuse and bred resentment and set me up for disastrous outcomes.  I would ALLOW myself to be used, abused and taken advantage of.  Though, let me assure you that this is ALL on me.  I have a choice.  I am fully able to honor myself and what serves me and doesn’t serve me.  However, I either initiated, instigated or perpetuated the cycle to a degree.  It doesn’t matter what anyone does to us; we have a choice as to how we react and what we tolerate.  The truth is what we allow, we give permission to… to continue.

The mark of true healing is not to blame and point fingers, externalizing our journey; rather it is to take full, absolute responsibility and accountability for what we can control…. and that is only ourself.  To control another’s journey is a lonely road that always comes back to rear its ugly head and keep the cycle repeating.  I say NO to repeating that which no longer serves me and not speaking up for myself in matters of the heart, business or personal truth.  A leader can not lead from fear of what others reactions may or may not be.  A lover will never fully experience love if fear dispels its potency.  One must lead from a space of absolute love knowing that all works out as intended; on purpose and on time.  This is where true honor is and others respect it for it is solid and unwavering.

Learning this at a deep level and being fully ready, willing and committed to honoring this with compassion and firm resolve is integral in our human experience. For me, it is not about a “F&CK YES”, it is a loving yes with a little but of "Why the F*&K not me... and right the F*%K now." There is a tenderness that opens up versus an energy that amplifies the nervous system.  Breathing into my personal truth - my single focus is practicing presence and being present in my practice.