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Never Settle

I invite you to deepen your awareness as you read this message.

Pause for the cause and receive a breath; really allow it to be felt within your body as you connect with you.  Not the you that you think you are – the you that sits in the center of your heartspace.   Shifting from the common mis-perception into the divine revelation of your true self.  You – as you were birthed.  Your divine essence.  Your personal truth.  You as an expression of the One; complete and whole.

Settling is a result of not fully experiencing and embracing your Self in all our glory.  To settle means to compromise our higher self, divine purpose and our human experience.  Our sense of adventure becomes diminished.  Why do we settle for something less than we feel to be true?   Has our lack of patience and the lure of instant gratification handcuffed us to the rail on the assembly line of success and progress?  Are we crazy glued to the mirage of the American Dream?  Are we fixated on the destination so much that we numb the mystery and fear the journey into the unknown?  The human experience is to be… experienced. 

Why would you ever want to settle for anything less than what resonates so deeply in your heart?  When was the last time you experienced you?

Why settle for any less than the truth of what you feel deep within?  It is possible.  You are possible.  You are it and it is within you!  Allow your Self the time to experience life, experience you, experience joy, experience love, experience the human experience – ahhhh... it’s magical! 

Give your self the gift of life, once and for all.  Rise with love within and throughout!