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Embrace the Fire Within

The ask is to rise with discernment.

Rise from the ashes of what was and fan the flames of what is with a childlike curiosity and an elder’s patient, deliberate action.

One of the most damaging forms of punishment/torture is isolation… and one of the most potent forms of deepening connection is solitude - as witnessed by some of the most prolific religious ascetics and hermetic philosophers as well as in monasteries, ashrams, retreat centers and other sacred spaces for inner reflection and exploration of consciousness.

As we ease into opening up, there is a global call to action… inspired action. This is not a call to give up… give up our rights, give up our jobs, give up our way of living, give up our basic freedoms, give up and wait… nor is it for us to wait for something/someone/some source outside of our self to provide a solution or do it for us.

The additional ask is to feel the anger that is pent up within, the sludge, the muck, the undergrowth that is holding us back from experiencing the essence of what we know to be possible - within and throughout. We have been taught to hold back our anger, to suppress what doesn’t feel right, to not bring to the surface which may cause unrest or tension. Denying and withholding a healthy expression of anger ends up being stored in our body which leads to a host of disease and mental illness.

Healthy expression of anger is rooted in its paradoxical reflection - love and gratitude. Feel the motivational push of what lights us up - passion, purpose and the infinite potential to lay the framework for a more sustainable future by dismantling the antiquated, outdated and archaic ways of the past that are no longer applicable, relevant or supportive in the evolution of humanity.

The ask is to reflect, connect, resurrect and erect a way of being that is grounded in sound principles for all of humanity, all of existence and all we experience in this precious thing called life.

The assertive path is often necessary to dismantle what has past its time. In order to create space for what’s relevant to our present moment and foreseeable future, the ask is to embrace the fire within. The assertive path doesn’t need to resort to violence, nor does it stand for or tolerate intentional harm mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally.

This is the shift in how we interact, resolve conflict and participate in the solution rather than encourage or neglect the problem.

The ask is to be open to the possibilities. Be willing to let go of a manufactured structure and perceived new norm. The shift is not what’s out there, not what will be given to us, not what will be done fore us, not what we are waiting for…

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

We are not alone in this. There are more of us all over this beautiful planet.

The shift is how we interact with everything and being the voice of what we wish to experience.