12 Simple Ways to Honor our Self

This is an invitation for all of us to start deeply looking at what we are creating - me, you and everyone of us. What is it we are creating? We live in a world that moves so fast and is focused on the next best thing, quick fixes, get rich quick schemes, symptomatic relief, lust over love, temptation over dedication, coverups over proof, lies over truth, war over peace, cost over value - what are our values? What do we honor? Is the accumulation of things more valuable than building connection? Are we so self-absorbed in our story that we can no longer relate? Have we become so focused on capitalizing on others for personal gain that we have lost our ability to share with others and create true heart-to-heart connection? Is the color of someone's skin so frightening that we treat them with such malice and degradation because they do not have the same pigmentation? Is someone's belief regarding their higher power so threatening that we kill the very spirit that lifts them up and liberates them from the chains that bind them? Is our greed so deeply embedded that we feed ourselves with such neglect of other's suffering for our own gratification? Have we lost our hearts? Have we poisoned our minds? What will it take for us to wake up? We all have dreams of living a life that brings peace to our mind and deep love in our heart, though for a dream to become real one must wake from the slumber. What must happen for us to come together with a unified consciousness rooted in compassion and acceptance? Must there be a tragedy so horrifying that it rivets the core of humanity?

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