Stimulate our mind, tap into our creative power, excite our imagination, develop clarity and a refined sense of purpose. Are we ready to fully commit our mental energy in all ways – always, everyday?


Optimize our physical performance,  our relationship with food and empower our mind-body connection.


Recognize our quest for a deeper understanding and purpose, electrify the connection between one and all, channel divine guidance, inspire a profound appreciation for all that is and breathe the essence of life into our human experience.


Explore creative expression and partake on an intimate, alchemical journey through sound and vibration.

About 360five

360five is a resource for holistic and harmonious living.


Our mission is to facilitate and support the maximization of human potential
and global sustainability by advocating whole health.

360five’s services are based on the ontology of “Mind. Body. Spirit. Sound.” addressing the full spectrum of well-being: physical, spiritual, mental and emotional wellness. Mental acuity, physical strength, spiritual integrity and emotional fluidity are essential attributes to achieving whole, harmonious health.


We tune into practices that support the journey of self-discovery and collective conscious awareness.

All ways. Everyday.



John Stuart

Vibrational Medicine

Integrative Holistic Wellness

Sound Alchemy & Healing

Sacred Partnership

Emotional Trauma

Spiritual Intimacy

Nada Yoga 


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